The immersive car lift

The immersive car lift

Car Lift
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//Immersive Car Lift
Immersive Car Lift
Immersive Car Lift
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The immersive car lift

A car lift, a transportation device that takes the cars from the street level to the underground garage, transforms a daily routine into a show of extraordinary technology.

This unprecedented project for a car lift with immersive room was born from the cooperation between two Italian companies: the car lifts manufacturer IdealPark and the specialist in advanced home & building automation Dimora Home Automation.

Choose the right atmosphere
for you and your car

Once you get on board, the fun starts. A 360° projector and a Dolby Atmos audio system create an immersive environment that has never been seen before on a car lift.


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Car Lifts
Travel up to 9.65 m
Loading capacity 3.500 kg
Platform length 6.46 x 2,95 m
Immersive //

car lift

With the immersive room

Digital animations and 360° videos send the viewer on an unexpected journey: ocean floors, breathtaking views or aerial shot filmed with drones.

The car lift’s immersive room is a detail of a smart home, where the technology aiming to simplify and improve the quality of life, the comfort and the security of its users, is invisible.

Invisibile just like the car lift itself, because when the lid is lowered, it seamlessly blends in with the garden, concealing not only the garage, but also a unique scenery.

//Car Lift

How the car lift works

Car Lift

The slope between the street and the garage of this home is nine meters, thus a car lift was built to link the two floors.

Dimora’s surveillance system detects the car approaching and automatically sends the platform to the street level. The lift can alternatively be called from an operator panel with a fingerprint scanner, by an automatic reading of the car’s license plate or by the dedicated app. The app is also used to control all the house's devices: from the audiovisual entertainment system to the security systems.

The users’ safety is guaranteed by several camera devices and sensors located both inside and around the lift’s area.

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The most technological
immersive room

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